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Moto LED Indicator Insert - 8601060

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This high-tech LED insert replaces the original bulb and reflector of the standard BMW indicator. The numerous amber-shining LED's produce a bright light and a crisp flash without the typical incandescent bulb delay. A special resistor is incorporated to ensure correct indicating frequency. Can be used with amber or clear indicator lenses, depending on your preference.

Two versions are available: This one is the standard LED turn signal replacement. Under the Related Products, you'll find the version with an integrated brake light function for even greater visibility. Everything that's needed for easy installation is supplied. 

Sold as a set of two inserts (left and right side). To replace all 4 turn signals on your bike, either order two sets of these turn signal LEDs or this set for the front plus the Brake Flash version for the rear, if you want the additional brake light feature. 

These are fully compatible with and will not harm the electrical system of your bike.

Please Note: Fits only the rear of the following models:

K1200 RS 
K1200 GT 
R1100 S 
R1200 CL