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Cardo Scala Rider Smart Pack - 210223

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CARDO SMARTH™ Riding in a group can be the ultimate thrill for many riders, but those who do it regularly know that it can also be a challenging experience at times. Pairing within the group is time consuming and the traditional Bluetooth daisy chain connection can often be disrupted. With Cardo's Dynamic Mesh Communication technology (DMC) this is a thing of the past! With the DMC technology on board, full 4-way intercom conversations are seamless and the group remains constantly connected at an astounding range of up to 2.25 miles / 3.6 km. Speak as freely and easily as if you were no more than a few feet To further enjoy your riding experience, listen to your favorite music from an MP3 player, talk with friends over the phone, or keep updated with helpful GPS instructions. Everything will sound crystal clear with the new 1.5 in / 40 mm thin HD speakers which can also easily be substituted with a pair of your choice. With safety in mind, operate the SMARTH™ virtually hands-free with voice commands. Additional great features include sharing an FM radio station with another rider, connecting with friends using non-cardo headsets and much more. On-the-go configuration and control of this device has been made easier than ever thanks to the Cardo SmartSet App and the software updates available on the Cardo Community web platform ensure you'll never be left behind.